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Glyde Dams unit – for protection by performing oral sex for the

Maintaining a safe sex does not mean reducing pleasure and orgasm. Here is a very thin and soft piece of latex, which is more delicate than a condom, and is intended to protect both spouses when performing wife's oral sex. A piece of glazed Damas available in raspberry, jersey and cranberry flavor, 25 cm x 15 cm. 100% natural, no chemicals, parabens, glycerin, or preservatives. FDA certified.

Dr. Laura Berman Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators

$94.12 $89.34
dilator for strengthen vaginal muscles and reduce insertion discomfort with every use with Dr Laura Berman Alena. it designed of 3 piece dilator kits are ergonomically curved and gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation.

Playing dice in intimate adult relationships

$11.16 $9.57
Adult Sex Game Dice ، A set of two dice, each of 12 sides, a love affair, breaks the routine, and renews couple romance.

Love bird feathers in colors (red, black, pink)

$9.57 $7.97
Sex toy feather love bird for caressing and erotic couble play,in three colors black, pink and red. for stimulates the spouse and breaks the routine in the relationship.

Vibrating Egg Vaginal veahavtem

Intended for strengthening and restoring pelvic floor muscles, enhancing vaginal sensation and enhancing sexual pleasure.color:blue.

Women’s herbal pads for the treatment and prevention of infectious vaginal diseases

Herbal feminine pads contribute to the treatment and prevention of infectious vaginal diseases and are used in Chinese medicine to treat and prevent vaginal infectious diseases, to reduce unpleasant odors and to encourage the production of pure natural women.