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A pair of intimate massage oils for men and women, each one 125 ml.

A pair of intimate massage oils for men and women is intimate Veahavtem oil that stimulates the nervous system, the desire for sex and the sensitivity of the sexual body parts. It also increases male and female sexual resilience. It leads to better sexual performance as it helps to have a sexual orgasm. Veahavtem massaging oil is safe, healthy and balanced.It contains sweet almond oil through squeezing using Cold pressed , 125 ml

Veahavtem lubricating ointment, 50 ml

Healthy lube oil based on vegetable oil and beeswax. It increases sexual pleasure and the feeling of penetration, contributes to maintaining the health of intimate organs over time, helps the couple during contact in case of partial or complete dryness of the vagina.

Erotic Massaging Oil – Red Point (RP)

Erotic Massaging Oil is sensational, transparent, alluring-smelling and suitable for sexual teasing. 250 ml.

Veahavtem Intimate Natural Massaging Oil for Women, 125 ml

Veahavtem massage oil for women is Veahavtem intimate natural oil that stimulates sexual desire and stimulates the Cold pressed nervous system and feeling in intimate places, contributes to feel calm and relief and fade fears. It promotes orgasm; helps turn sex into healthy and balanced one. 125 ml. Soft and romantic aromatic scent.

Veahavtem Pure Sweet Almond Oil with cold wash, 125 ml.

It contains 100% pure sweet almond oil with Cold pressed packaged in 125ml refill. It is used for sexual intimate massages, massaging perineum for pregnant, curing vaginal dryness and used in delivery rooms. The oil is used as a lubricant during sexual contact in case of partial dryness. It is also used to preserve skin health and sexual body parts

Many women need an introduction to warming and increasing their desire, a touch of massage and petting is a pleasant way to touch passion, the body remembers that the pleasures and caresses that are associated with pleasure and desire.