1. LAALIAA AOSARIIA undertakes not to use any of the user’s information and/or pass it on to any other party without his consent.
  2. Every credit card number transfer from the site is done in an encrypted manner. But when information and content are entered through the Internet, there is a concern about user content being exposed and viewed by others on the Internet. LAALIAA AOSARIIA is not responsible for the security and/or any damage and/or loss and/or failure and/or expense incurred by the user and/or any third party as a result. Also, it is clarified that LAALIAA AOSARIIA will not be liable for any harm caused to the user as a result of using or relying on the information contained in the services through the links provided on the site.
  3. LAALIAA AOSARIIA may only use the customer’s personal information for internal purposes, statistical analyses (without personal identification), and for investigating complaints and/or reviews.
  4. LAALIAA AOSARIIA may record the IP addresses of the purchases made on the site. If a scam or a fraud is encountered, it will be reported immediately to law enforcement.
  5. LAALIAA AOSARIIA does not violate any privacy obligation and does not violate user privacy as defined in the Computer Law of 1995, be it to identify or trace a user by another, resulting from the use of electronic communications and computer communications in particular.
  6. LAALIAA AOSARIIA may send the user emails, contact him in writing, or verbally, for any information regarding its services and the site services, only if the customer indicated that he would like to receive this information by approving it on the site.